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JackJack Livejournal Community

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JackJack is a performance group featuring 3 of the TeniMyu boys 
(Shinoda Mitsuyoshi, Katoh Ryousuke, Aoki Kenji) 
and their friend 
(Nemoto Masakazu)

The community isn't too terribly new, but with the recent celebration of JackJack's First Anniversary, 
i figured the community could use some pimping ^^

So come check it out! lol i'm no good at making a pimp post lol 
but seriously come check out the boys and do soem fangirling

And currently, until tomorrow night, JackJack will be taking votes as to what to name their fanclub. At  jackjackcomm, we have a poll going and we'll send in a collective vote from all the "foreign fans" so head on over, join, do some voting, and party on ^^
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