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[Fic] Notes

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This is an apologyfic for feuillu  because I invited her to bnf_brawl  to be my Shinya, then went to be a bad Atsushi myself. I'm so sorry, I was so excited about getting a Shinya and enjoyed arguing with him so much that I subconsciously made my Atsushi unlikable. You should all shun me :'D

Please be brutally honest with my characterization because, with all the weird brawl stuff going on, I have actually forgotten what the real Atsushi is like, and wrote this to get back on track. There is a logical error in this fic. I don't think any of you will notice though. This is actually my first fic and I may write more if I get proper criticism. I think there should be more classroom stories about Atsushi and Shinya. I am so amused that they are classmates.

Title: Notes
Rating: G
Summary: Two best friends pass notes in class.
Pairing(s): Ducksushi BFF
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.

What are you doing now, dane?’ Atsushi stared at the crumpled piece of paper that had just flown his way, then took a short glance at the person seated three seats away. Shinya obviously wasn’t interested in today’s lesson –he wasn’t a bad student, really, he was just selective about these things, only paying attention to the subjects he enjoyed, and that clearly wasn’t Geography. But did he really have to bother the people who actually liked Geography?

You can see what I’m doing, so stfu.’ Atsushi scribbled roughly and drew an angry face on the small note. He then made a point to crumple it into a ball really loudly to express his displeasure. He also aimed it back at Shinya’s eye –oh what fun.

Of course, Shinya didn’t get the picture. Or rather, he chose not to, and quite enjoyed how his annoyed friend had reacted.

Ouch, dane.. , ‘came the next note. This time it was in the form of a tiny paper airplane.

You sent me another note just to say ‘Ouch’?

Yes, dane.’

And now you send me another one to say ‘Yes’….

That’s right, dane.

Stop it!’ By now Atsushi was rubbing his temple. Putting down his pencil, he hoped his Sensei would just turn around and notice the wordly battle that was taking place. The other students obviously had noticed –some were giggling, even. It’s not that he wanted Shinya to be punished (though that would have been rather amusing to watch), he just wanted to pay attention to the lesson. He picked up his pencil and added a ‘You know I can just stop replying or something, right? Kusu.

But you just replied, dane! You hypocrite!’ He definitely heard sniggering coming from the back.

Well, I’ll stop RIGHT NOW

You replied again, dane!

This is the last one!’ And with that, Atsushi felt accomplished. He had made up his mind. He was not going to reply no matter how ridiculous or annoying Shinya’s next note would be. And, for a brief moment, he felt like he really did win, because after that note there was silence. Of course, naturally, his victory was short-lived.

WOW ATSUSHI YOU’RE SO HOT DANE COME TO MY ROOM FOR SOME FUN DANE --Girl sitting behind you’ Atsushi choked. The piece of pencil lead he was holding broke and his eraser dropped and he drew a huge line on his textbook and he choked. Obviously, he had underestimated his best friend. Before he could even remember his commitments of late, he was already scribbling with newfound energy.

WHAT THE HELL, SHINYA, WHAT THE HELL. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! WHAT THE HELL.’ Shinya knew very well that the ‘Girl’ seated behind Atsushi was, quite obviously, not a girl, nor did he look like one, smell like one, or could ever mistaken for one. Girls were petite. This guy was…well…

I didn’t send it, dane!!!!!

Do you have to make such an obvious lie?’ Atsushi sighed. He had no idea what his teacher was talking about now, and he, unlike somebody, intended to ace this subject.

Are you angry, dane?


It’s just lonely at the back here, dane. I’m sorry. I’ll stop now.’ Ah, guilt. Atsushi knew he was directly responsible for all this, he had, deliberately, sat away from Shinya after all –Shinya was just …distracting. He was annoying and loud and unfocused yet cute and sweet and, well, distracting. In some other ways Atsushi dared not embark upon, too.

What made everything worse was that he could actually remember the unfinished ‘ Hey ’Tsushi, dane, want to sit togeth—‘ on that first day of the new semester. He could also remember walking away before that sentence was complete. How insensitive of him.
After the rest of the class had left, Atsushi went down to Shinya’s seat and shoved him sideways, occupying half of it, “You know, if you want to sit with me, just say so.”

“Won’t I just annoy you to death or something, dane?”

“And what makes think you annoy me?”

Shinya broke out a weak smile, “I don’t know, dane. You’re always hitting me with things.” He was obviously trying to lighten the mood of their conversation. Of course, this just served to make Atsushi feel worse.

"Oh, do I?" Smirking, Atsushi pushed his entire body sidewards, and at once Shinya was on the floor, robbed of his seat. The loud squawk that came with the impact was quite satisfying.

"There you go again, dane. You must really hate me!" Shinya shouted, pointing an accusing finger.

"But I didn't hit you with anything." Atsushi was enjoying this too much, so much so that he had forgotten what he had went to talk to Shinya about in the first plac --oh yeah, the seat thing.

 "You will sit beside me tomorrow."

"But what about Sakiko-chan, dane?"

"We will tell the teacher you are her." Even though it was quite obvious he wasn't being serious, the picture of Shinya in Sakiko's female school uniform appeared in Atsushi's mind anyway -and quite possibly Shinya's as well, judging from his immediate change of expression.

"W-what the hell, dane."

"I was joking."

"I know, dane, but still...what the hell." Atsushi laughed and messed up Shinya's hair. If only he could stump Shinya like this all the time --he wouldn't have to worry about his excessive chatter any longer, "We'll arrange something with the teacher. She likes me."

"I'm going to miss our note-passing, dane. It was fun."

"I'm not. You send pointless notes."

"Can I just send you one more note, dane?" Despite the fact that they were standing right next to each other?

"Sure. Why not." With this, Shinya immediately took out a piece of paper and started writing carefully on it. His attention to the handwriting was surprising --this had to be an important note.

'Do you like me, dane? Circle Yes or No.'

Atsushi burst out laughing.

* * *
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On February 9th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC), feuillu commented:
Aww, that was cute. ^__^

I'm sorry if I upset you. I dropped out of brawl because you're right: I wasn't having fun with it. But it's not your fault. I'm just not into quite that much crack, and that many players are overwhelming. I dug myself into a corner from day one with the being retarded, and then I just annoyed myself.

Pleeease don't feel bad.
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On February 10th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC), puzzley replied:
You didn't upset me, I thought I had upset you, instead. :'D

I guess dropping out was the right thing to do. And though you may be annoyed with your Shinya, most of us found him impossibly cute. When you made your second post we were like 'OMFG SHINYA MADE A POST LET'S GO THERE'. He's just adorable.

If you ever change your mind, most of the St Rudolph fans will be quite pleased, because your Shinya is sooooo cute *______*

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On February 10th, 2008 01:40 am (UTC), feuillu replied:
^^; I know, I know. I just find it hard to play such a... spazcake, when such spazcaking usually annoys me. XD; And when you act stupid and belligerent, it's no surprise to get stupidity and belligerence in return.

I'll try to write some Ducksushi soon to make it up to you guys. ;) (After my triopuri and my creative writing homework and my Ouran crossover and my teamtheme and... D:)
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On February 10th, 2008 01:52 am (UTC), puzzley replied:
I thought you played him really well, though. You actually make me want to drop Atsushi and pick up Shinya instead. There's nothing much to do with Atsushi when there's no Shinya. I am quite stupid and spazcakey myself, so I'll REALLY enjoy playing him. Atsushi is reserved and quiet, I actually made him obnoxious and troll-like back then because it was more fun to play.

Ducksushi.....*_____* You can write it whenever you want but...ugh...ducksushi *______*
* * *

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